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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Breaking news!: Extreme Vampyr released from rehab!

Tuesday morning, former EVW Owner, the Extreme Vampyr, was released from a rehabilitation facility. His mood was not positive as he has learned that current owner, Paul Wolf, is planning on putting on an EVW show without him.

EVW News caught up with him as he left the facility. This is what he had to say...

"If Paul Wolf is going to run a promotion that I created, then i'm gonna be in that tournament to become the first ever EVW Champion. ...Consider me officially in this title tournament. I'm hitting the gym tonight."

That was all he said. He left into a black automobile and speed off.

One thing we all know is he is now clean. Which means his mind is straight for once. But will Paul Wolf even allow him to compete? We will try and get word with Mr. Wolf about this new development. Stay tuned!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wolf makes big announcement

EVW Owner, Paul Wolf has just announced that there will be a one night tournament to determine the first ever EVW Champion...

Paul Wolf  continues...

"This tournament will be known as the championship survivor tournament. It will consist of three parts and will feature the top six men the EVW and the NWC can offer.

There will be a six way elimination match to determine the seeding in the second part of the tournament. Depending on elimination you will be matched up in three single matches. the winners of those matches will advance to the final match... Which will be a three way Ladder match with the EVW championship belt being the object of their desire.

This tournament will take place on our first show this Friday night, August 10th, 2012, on a special "Championship Edition" of EVW Death Of Champions.

Now as for the men involved... I can say that NWC standout Chad Icon is the first man to put his name in the hat. The other five men will be announced as the days get nearer.

I will be in attendance this Friday Night to watch a new champion crowned. I am very excited about finally getting pro wrestling back on the air. It's going to be awesome."

- Paul Wolf

Wow! Finally the EVW will begin and we can all go to work now. Anyways, exciting news. It looks like things are getting started sooner than later. Stay tuned.......

Friday, August 3, 2012

EVW has new ownership and will re-launch!

After almost a year, Extreme Vampyr has failed to start the EVW as a wrestling product. This while NWC Owner, Paul Wolf, has been unsuccessful at securing a NWC distribution deal. Well with Vampyr unable to perform his duties, and a deal has been made to EVW for distribution, Paul Wolf and Extreme Vampyr made an agreement and Wolf is nonw the owner of EVW and NWC.

"I will make sure the EVW will be and become the destination for great professional wrestling action.", Paul Wolf said when announcing he will run a weekly 2 hour wrestling show with PPV events monthly.

Also announced were promises of a full signed roster and scheduled premiere in about 2 weeks. He said NWC roster members will be "happy" to take part in the EVW and showcase their skills.

More details about the EVW coming soon.... stay tuned.

New EVW is comig!!!!

EVW Is Back!!! In a few short weeks new episodes and stories will be added to the site http://extremevampyrwrestling.webs.com and we want anyone of you to check it out and read some of the best pro wrestling fiction ever heard of.

As i write and post this I am repairing the sites and links to tottally re-launch this interesting new product and idea. All designs to the site and storylines are all original ideas. I do though, use the WWE '12 videogame for all images with a little photoshop. But I just want my creative ideas out there to anyone who is bored and wants to read some weird shit. This means you stoners!!!

Anyways check out the site now and stay tuned in to this blog cause i will be posting news updates here first.

Thank you and stay tuned.

Nicke Z :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jennifer Lynn 2 (sexier)

Jennifer Lynn
HOt EVW News anchor

Newly signed EVW News Reporter, Jennifer Lynn, is an aspiring CNN News anchor. So Extreme Vampyr was impressed with her rebellious reporting and writng that he offered her a full-time gig as reporter for the EVW News and as a backstage interviewer.

She just signed a 2 year deal with Extreme Vampyr Wrestling Friday March 18th, 2011. She now oversees all EVW News reports and content that appears at EVW News.com .

Little is known about this woman, but if shes alligned herself with the likes of the Extreme Vampyr than she must have a twisted side to her.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Live!: EVW - Press Conference 1 - 03-25-2011

Press Conference 1
The Vampyr Lair (EVW Arena)
March 25th, 2011


JENNIFER LYNN walks up to the platform and introduces us to the conference.

Thank you all for coming and watching us around the world. This is the historic "first ever" EVW Press Conference.
So without any further ado, heres the leader of the EVW, ... The Extreme Vampyr!!!

EXTREME VAMPYR now walks up to the screen with a sneer on his face.

What's up G's?
Thats right, here I am, bitches! I'm alive and well. And i will be for a while. Now let's get to business cause i'm so excited, my dick is diamond hard as we speak.
First act of business...EVW Death of the Champions will premiere on Friday May 27th, 2011. Exactly 9 weeks from tonight at 8 PM eastern standard time.

EVW Death of the Champions logo 1

EVW - Death of the Champions
coming soon

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